Questions: Programmatically creating pages & potential duplicate content issues?


So I am looking at creating a directory for different businesses.
Question 1: Is there a way to create the business listing pages for each city programmatically without having to manually create each one?

Question 2: Is it possible to both have these specific, individual city pages to rank for on google, but ALSO use the list block on the homepage/other pages without this affecting SEO or causing duplicate content issues?

@Jondekh for the #1 you can use single page content dynamically coming from Airtable. Check out List and List details blocks and related videos.

#2 I don’t think there will be duplicate issues if linking is right and your details pages have more relevant info than the listing itself

Hi Artur

Thanks for the quick response!

Regarding #1, Ok, so I could create the SEO details in Airtable and have the pages generated dynamically, then display the specific city pages with conditional filters. Is that correct?

Also, if I wanted to give users the ability to sort the businesses in the listing by price or rating, would this be achievable with using tags, or how else?

Hello again Artur, did you read my follow up question? Is there another support tool I can use to receive faster responses?

@Jondekh re #1 yes. re: sorting tags like filtering would work…

If you need something urgent also feel free to ask in a live chat too

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