QRsugar - Create, send and track gift cards in an automated way

Very happy to share this project with the community;

  • Backend: airtable
  • Frontend: softr studio
  • Softr plan: Professional and up
  • Third-party integration: aeropage: image generation API (for graphical coupons)
  • App language: English and Spanish
  • Total pages in project: 26 including custom 404 error page
  • Number of tables: 6 tables on 1 airtable database
  • Main blocks in use: List, list details, inbox, forms, custom code, user account, and a few static blocks.
  • Users table: softr and airtable synced
  • Native integrations: Crisp and google sign in
  • Permissions and user groups: heavy use of user groups and permissions
  • User documentation: Gitbook hosted

App description:
If you want to sell products of any kind, implementing the successful model of selling with gift cards, without paying commissions per sale, and with support for physical or digital cards, Introducing… Qrsugar.

A cloud service, that allows you to register with your company, so you can issue gift cards, to be sold and consumed in your shop.

You set the conditions, validity, service plans, and costs. You can define whether the card is consumed in one or multiple purchases, if the operation is entirely digital, and if the benefit on the gift card is prepaid or credit.

QRsugar also integrates WhatsApp, to notify the beneficiary from the moment the card is generated, up to every purchase or transaction made to the card.

Find out a little more by watching this:

If you want a copy of this app to white label the service, please contact me.

Hey @acjnas, thanks for sharing your app/product with us :heart: It always feels great to see how people use Softr to build different products!

I hope you enjoyed building it in Softr and wish you good luck with your product! :tada:

Hey Marine, It has been very satisfying to build this app using softr.

It is very nice to see how the workarounds I had to deal with at the beginning, are now softr native features and the platform is getting better and better.

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Hey @acjnas , nice job !
Could you please tell me how do you add a green background with linear gradient ?

Hey @Vince

It was done with a little custom code on the page header.

Just grab the name of the block(s) you wish to add custom bg and add something like this:

#hero-es, #hero-en { background: rgb(249,255,207);background: linear-gradient(25deg, rgba(249,255,207,1) 0%, rgba(183,201,30,1) 35%, rgba(241,255,0,1) 100%);}

You can also use this site to help you customize your colors and gradients: