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I’m trying to add a QR code to each List Details page that links back to itself so that users can share a link to a particular record.

I think I can use Google to create the image, for example: https://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=300x300&chl=https://project.softr.app/listdetailspage?recordId=XXXXX

But how do I fill in the record ID, either by linking a button to an external URL with the image itself or by embedding the image?

If I were implementing this, I’d do it as an Airtable automation that runs when a record is created, requesting the image and then putting the result into a field of the newly created record. The script in the automation will have access to the record ID of that record.

But was there another way you were thinking of implementing this, instead of as an Airtable automation?


Hey @mb12142329

As dcoletta suggets I would set this up via airtable automation upon record creation.

It would be best if you make a softr page using list details block, to list your public record.

Then grab the name of that page, bring it to your airtable, and use it on a formula field, to generate your unique public URL for that record.

After record creation, fire an airtable automation that sends this public URL to your preferred qr processor, and store backs the result on a attachments airtable field.

Thank you. However, I was hoping to avoid an automation because of Airtable’s strict limits on automation runs. Is there no way in Softr to load an image based on a URL stored as an Airtable value?

E: Possibly with an embed?

Assuming you don’t run into limits with the service that generates the QR code images, I think you could make this work entirely with custom code in the browser.

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Only if the airtable url points to your qr image hosted somewhere else.

I just read your first message and I may propose a way simpler solution than a QRcode, which doesn’t need any setup.

To be sure: you want your users or visitors to be able to share the current page they are on, by just a button click. Page to be shared by email, social networks, whatsappa or other? Am I right?

If so: Share Buttons - AddToAny

Everything is customizable, 100% free, 0 signup

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@mb12142329 one way could be to create a formula field in airtable which produces the url with RECORD_ID in it and then you use that field to map into image in softr list details

This could be the formula

CONCATENATE("https://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=300x300&chl=https://project.softr.app/listdetailspage?recordId=", RECORD_ID())

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Thank you @matthieu_chateau and @artur. I went with a combination of both solutions in a modal