Pulling the user's data to the any embedded code by the URL parameters or variables

Hi there,

I am confused about using the variables in the embedded codes. As I can see we need to write or manipulate the embedded code to retrieve the related data. So that means to me Softr is not a No-code platform it looks like a Low-code platform.

Using the variables as a shortcode in our embedded codes should be a simple way. Generally, I used the variables after the a “?” of the source in my embedded code (e.g. … src="https://form.xxxform.com/xxxxxxxxxx?systemid={{user.id}}&email={{user.email}}…)

I am not sure if I can define the case correctly here, but as a Softr user I would like not to use so much “code” even in the custom code section.

I would like to use my embedded codes by just adding the data variables’ sort code inside it.

Using the URL parameters and variables shouldn’t be re-defined and re-coded for every different 3rd party embedded code which allows passing data to themselves.

If you are not able to build this kind of structure in a short time please provide us with good documentation that shows every general stage and concept of using variables in the embedded codes.

Thank you for this great platform.