Protection from form tampering

i have a from with 2 fields. one is a free text field, the other is a hidden field with the username. the from action is to push the data to Airtable.
Is there a way to protect the hidden field from being manipulated by the end user. I changed the value using chrome’s developer tools and it went through. I want to avoid this case.
is it possible to protect hidden fields from being tampered? can this be achieved using a from or perhaps using other solutions?

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Unfortunately right now it can’t be write protected as it’s being submitted as a part of form. If your value is hardcoded one and can’t be modified then perhaps you can set it even directly in airtable without it coming from the client side ?

the free text value is not hardcoded.
the exact use case here, is that the user user_A submits a request for a certain value (this is the free text).
i want to prevent user_B from submitting requests for user_A.
is it possible that instead of user_A’s username or email, the hidden field will contain some long string (e.g uuid) that will be mapped to user_A? such a string that cannot be easily guessed by user_B.

Not now but we can put a feature request to resolve those values in backend so that one can not replace them.