Protect download links

Hello! I am helping a friend build a web app where he will have digital content (PDF, PPT, DOC etc.) visible to paying users only. We haven’t decided if we want to source data from airtable, google sheet or somewhere else yet.
Each content item will have a title, description, image preview, and a download link.
How can we protect the download feature so that only members can download the content? If I just put a link to something that is open to public users can share the link.
Can I host the content in aws s3 maybe? Is sofr integrated with aws so that with some custom code I can allow them to download the content?
Or should I host content in softr? Is that even possible?

thank you!

Hey Welcome!

In my opinion, hosting files in airtable can work for you, because the file paths change every 2 hours, and then link sharing to non-members can have an extra layer of protection.

A person must ideally visit the member’s zone to get a fresh link to download the content.

Oh interesting. I didn’t know they change the paths every 2 hours. I think that would work. However I would def suggest a feature request for softr to integrate with aws to serve files

We will be working on having at least time-based approach too… We started to look into it this week and we might have a solution in the next 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned.