Programmatic SEO

Has anyone tried applying programmatic SEO on their Softr site. The nice thing about Softr is that it’s really easy to create pages.

Unfortunately of my 400 pages, only 13 are being indexed by Google (which might be my fault). If I were to start automating this strategy, can Softr handle this?

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Big topic right now SEO on softr, can’t wait to see the team’s solutions :slight_smile:

@aar0n we have used this at without issues. Can you share your link and also share when your pages where created ?

I have a database with a list of cities, company types & the companies entries.
Is it possible to generate all combinations of cities & company types as an indexable landing pages?
Page1: Company types A in CityA
Page2: Company types B in CityA

@hacos this is possible, but it has to be done through airtable records.

I’m not quite sure about how great they would index on search engines though

Figuring out a similar solution
page 1: Genre A1in City B with month C
page 2: Genre A2 in City B with month C
page 3: Genre A3 in City B with month C

Scalabale maximus will be page n: Genre An in City Bn with month Cn

n is integer between 1 and 30. Also total pages indexed will be under 1000

Can the link here considered a start ?

It’s great to hear you’re using Softr to create your website. While I haven’t personally tried programmatic SEO on Softr, it’s worth exploring to automate your SEO strategy. Increasing the number of indexed pages on Google can be a challenge, but there are some techniques you can try. One option is to use a click-through rate (CTR) bot, which can help drive organic traffic and improve indexing. Additionally, I recently came across, a resource offering valuable SEO strategy insights. You might find it helpful to optimize your pages and increase their visibility.

have you tried anything with this?


programmatic SEO! :grinning:

Hello aar0n, I exactly want to do that !
If you could just tell me if this can be done it would be nice,
I will find ‘how’ by myself

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