Problem with list-details creating duplicate records

I am new to Softr. I am developing a Guest management tracker. I have a kanban view that points to a list-detail view page that also has a List with horizontal cards. The list detail page is where i can add / update track interaction notes for each guest. Airtable is used as the data base. I have noticed that i get duplicate guest records in the AirTable base in certain situations when adding guest interaction notes via the list-details page.

I have two methods for adding guest to the base.
Method 1: Softr custom form. Adding guest interaction notes via the list-detail works perfectly with Method 1.

Method 2: Parsed email via to Airtable. I will share a picture of this Make flow. Anytime I use the List with horizontal cards to add a guest note / interaction that was added with method 2, i end up a duplicate guest record.

Has anyone see this issue before?

Any guidance is appreciated.

Here is a view of the list detail block and List with horizontal cards