Problem finding Airtable Linked field with Linked-lists

On this page Linked Lists - Softr Documentation

The section describing the conditional filter setup shows connecting the Project field in the Tasks table to the Name field in the Project table.

However, when I pull down the list of fields in the Task table the “link” field Project does not show up.

If I use a formula to copy the Project field to another (I called it copy) then the copy field does show up and Linked List works as advertised.

What am I missing?

You need to use lookup field to make the filter work

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Ah ha. Thanks. I missed that subtlety in your documentation.

I have a table that has 1 Linked Field and 2 Lookup Fields. I was able to add another field to my table basically converting the Linked Field to a Lookup Field and that solved it not being available for selection. However, the 2 Lookup Fields show a series of letters & numbers when selected and not the actual text/value that I would like to show up. I’m guessing it doesn’t work because they are Linked Fields on the other table that’s being referenced?

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i experienced same issue. probably the reason is that your lookup field is 2 steps away. it means it is a lookup from a look up from a link to record. thus it displays only the record id.
unfortunately I didn’t found any documentation regarding airtable limitations, besides that linked to record is not current supported.

Hey folks, currently linked records are not directly supported and one needs to use lookup fields. This being said in 2 weeks we will have a support for showing linked records directly

Did this happen yet? Doesn’t seem to be a clear reference to it in the linked lists documentation.

Hi Ben now in lists, list details and table blocks you can show linked fields

Hi Artur,

Thanks, but that’s not exactly what I was asking about. I was referring to whether or not linked fields could be used for linked lists associated with a list details page. I’m also finding that linked lists associated with list details blocks seem very glitchy.

When I set the base, table, and conditional filters up on associated multiple linked list blocks to the same list details block, exactly the same way, on the same list details page, no items show up on all the linked lists except for one that I created months ago.

Or a linked list’s items associated with a list details block may show up on a page if you get to it through the referring list block’s button, but they won’t show up from a header link to the same page. It’s a powerful feature if it works, but it doesn’t seem to in varied configurations.

I’ve been trouble shooting this all week, with no luck. There’s too many pics and Loom videos are a hassle to include for every issue I have. If this sounds familiar, please let me know.