Problem connecting Google Sheet as database

Hi there! First, thanks for your help and thanks to the Softr team for the product. I am really new with this tool, but I figured how to create some simple sites with Airtable as database, but am trying with Google Sheet and first punch in my face. I can connect the sheet, but it appears to be no items to select. I map the fields on Google sheets and did everything as appear in the Docs:

I also change permissions and all with the Sheet.

That’s what appears (no item) when trying to match with a block.

Any idea of what I have to do?

Hi @carlosdece and welcome to the community!

If I remember correctly, I hit a similar problem because when I granted permission to Softr to connect to Google Sheets, I failed to check the two permissions checkboxes.

You said you checked permissions but I wasn’t sure if you meant this kind of permission, or access control on the Google sheet.

Can you confirm that you checked the two checkboxes in the “selecting a Google account” screenshot of the Google Sheets docs?

Hi! Thanks in advance. Yes i checked all and Share the Sheet with “anyone with the link”.

Then I would suggest deleting and recreating the Google Sheets data source. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to start a chat session with Softr support from within the studio.

@carlosdece pls reach out to the support folks and if possible share few screenshots or loom of the connection flow… we expect that if 2 checkboxes are selected it should work without issues

Hi, after some trials, it works with a Google Sheets!! Thanks, I just tried with several Sheets