Private Chat Amongst Members

I’m blown away by how awesome the Softr team is.

Do you have plans to build out more advanced community chat features? I’d like to keep my community on Softr if possible.

Thank you!


Can I please ask you to give more details about the features you would like to have?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Suzie! Sure. I’d like users to be able to open private chats :slight_smile:

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Hey @Jess,

I will add it as a feature request for now.


I’d expand this to chat / messaging. Think Etsy or AirBNB. I can message the artist/property owner and get a reply on the platform. This is very important for Marketplaces where they need to communicate often before a transaction can happen. Note that talk.js is one of the libraries that some sites use for this feature. I have not tried to add talk.js to my site but will at some point.

The ability for site/app admins to be able to view chats between members is important to ensure that transactions are staying on the marketplace and inappropriate behavior is flagged. Part of that includes setting watch words (e.g. “email” or “call” and any format that is xxx@domain.tld etc. and then swears, etc) and ability for flagging inappropriate messages/content is part of that.

It’s pretty involved when you dive into it - but it’s also a must have feature for marketplaces that transact through an app (some are built to be more off-platform).

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other tools to explore:


Hey guys,

Now we have Atom Chat integration.

You can check this and give feedback if you have any :slight_smile:


Hi Suzie, their support isn’t the best. we tried to follow instructions to have the private chate feature to allows users to chat with each other but still today no success.

If anyone has any insight on this please help