Printing PDF instead of downloading .cvs in table block

Does anyone know if we can add a print button to a table block that could print a pdf of the exact table block? I have a list of classes that employes signed up for. i would like for the manager to be able to print the list of employees who will be attending the training. i can only see a download to excel and its not pretty!


Hey @Cbreault,

It’s with regret that I should mention this is not possible for now. However, this is a requested option, I hope we will consider this in out future updates.

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Thank you! i’m willing to be patient :slight_smile:


Is there any update on this or has anyone created a successful workaround? I don’t want to reinvent a wheel if someone already has. I tried a few different versions of what I thought might work tonight, and the page ended up crashing a few times so I gave up on it. I’m too tired to work on a script right now but that’s my next option- calling a script from Google apps script to make a pdf out of the user’s account statement, since the table block does not print or save as a pdf properly from the page.


Hey @bethseam,

Please check this thread, if you still need this option > How to print a table page as a pdf WITH the header - #7 by ssa