Price block with comparisons

Does anyone know if one day we will be able to create a price block like this on softr? With lots of comparisons THANKS


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Hay @lea ,
thank for your request. This is added in the feature requests but is not coming yet for the near future. Just wanted to inform you that in which is built with Softr we did it with custom code, so you can make it as a solution with custom HTML and CSS.

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Is it possible to share the custom code please ? It would be very appreciated :heart_decoration:


Hi, I am Aaron, the startup CEO of a SaaS marketplace targeting eCommerce!

I had the same question you had about creating a pricing comparison in Softr so I’m just here to help you out :slight_smile:

Since I am not proficient in coding, I used another website builder to create a pricing comparison (without code) and then linked it to a button on the pricing page on my Softr website. The only downside is that users must click a button to view the comparison which opens a URL in the same tab (redirection). Instead, I was originally aiming just to have it displayed on the pricing page like Softr.

Anyways, this is the custom code to Softr’s pricing comparison you can refer to: Aug 08 4:58 PM - Codeshare (shared by Softr support agent)

Hope this helps!

Thanks, wich no code editor do you used for this ? :slight_smile:

Sure, it is a free-to-use platform and they are also a startup! I highly recommend this SaaS business, Unicorn Platform ( They have a price comparison block that you can use. Unicorn Platform is not costly at all. You can also use Common Ninja to create a no-code pricing comparison that you can embed to your website and it is also free to use: Comparison Tables Widget - Free & Works on Any Website

Hope this helps!

Thanks for sharing, what’s frustrating is that this is totally what we could do with softr if the block existed, it would be so much simpler to connect to your Airtable as a CMS to maintain everything. I would like to tag @artur because I find it an interesting feature.

I agree, looking forward too a feature like pricing comparison block!