Prevent users to move cards in kanban block

Hi all :wave:

Does anyone know a way to prevent users from moving the cards on a kanban block?

I want everyone to be able to view all cards, and click for details, but not to drag them into another group. Is this possible?

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Oh yeah,

This block could be extended by adding ‘edit permission’ to the edit block menu, and then defining who can shuffle the cards.

However the line for custom requests is getting longer and longer as softr becomes more popular.

The only thing I can think of at the moment is to make a second airtable account, then add it as base collaborator with read only permissions, then grab the read-only collaborator apikey and use it as source on your softr block.

I am very curious to know how softr kanban block will behave under these circumstances.

Pleae try and let me know your comments.

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Hey @hdkstr,

I have run a few tests, will discuss with the team and will add this as a feature request.

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Yeah, that would be great @acjnas :smiley:

Ofcourse with conditional filters we can set up a kanban where users can only see their own cards, however then they can’t see the rest.

So your suggestion with edit permissions (including permission to move cards) would be great.

Hey @Suzie,

Curious what the team said about this.
Do they expect this will become possible in the (near) future?

Hey @hdkstr,

The feature request has been added, but the team could not mention any estimation for it. Will try to discuss some more details.