Prefil only works on with Inline Filters not search bar

Hello Softr Community,

I’ve been exploring the functionalities within the Softr platform and I’ve run into a bit of a roadblock that I’m hoping to get some support and potential insights on.

Specifically, I’ve been trying to prefill the search field in my Inbox Block by appending parameters to the URL, in this format: However, it doesn’t seem to be working as expected.

After reaching out to the Softr support team, they kindly informed me that the prefill functionality only works with Inline Filters and not the search bar, which was a surprise to me.

While I understand that each tool and feature has its own specific rules and limitations, this discovery leads me to make a request for a new feature. I believe that adding prefill functionality to the search bar would be a valuable improvement that could greatly benefit many users who wish to make their pages more user-friendly and efficient.

In my particular use case, I am aiming to emulate the Google user experience by redirecting my users to an intermediary page after they complete a search, prior to arriving at the page containing the Inbox block.

As a new feature request, I propose the ability to prefill the search bar using URL parameters.

I’m sure that your insights and support can help shape this feature to be a useful tool for many of us in the Softr community.

Thank you in advance for considering this request and any insights or suggestions you may provide.


I will pass this to the team to add :slight_smile:

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Thanks artur :slight_smile:

@lea can you try this ?


Hey @lea ,

You can find help docs here.


I’ll keep this short as I’m running late, but I couldn’t leave without expressing my heartfelt appreciation for the incredible prefilled search features you’ve developed. They are an absolute game-changer! Thank you :fire:

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Hey @lea, thanks a lot for your kind words :heart: We will continue working hard to bring the best features to Softr :tada: