Pre-populate Tally form with data from Airtable

Hi All,

I’m new to the Softr Community! Has anyone been able to pass data to a Tally form?

I didn’t find an answer, but if this has already been solved please share link- thanks!

I’d like to reduce what the user has to input and pre-populate a Tally form (via a Tally hidden form field) with the Company name (via Airtable). Please see attached, Scenario #2 (red flow).

To see this in action, please go here and click the “Share Your Experience (2 min)” button

There are two things you have to do to make this work, and they both involve being able to write custom code.

The first thing is to check out these docs: Pre-populate form fields

The url that you need to change is the one in the custom code block that loads the tally form into softr.

The values you supply to the url come from some JavaScript that you have to write. If you are on a page with a list or list details block then you may be extracting the values from the window.records object. Or maybe the logged_in_user object if you are using the users email address or name.

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@dcoletta thanks for the guidance and link to Tally help. I suspected custom code (on Softr side) was required to grab the value(s). I’m a product person, not dev, so I’ll request help from a Softr expert (or perhaps find a code snippet somewhere). Appreciate pointing me in the right direction!

@NotHeardBack also worth talking to Tally folks on the use case. Most form solutions are designed to be embedded in a static page and not loaded dynamically.

Let us know how it goes