Possible to upload a document for GPT to understand?

My project has a form on which GPT gives an output. Ideally I want to have it so you can upload a pdf, doc file rather than pasting onto a field. I appreciate that GPT would need a text output (I believe) so it maybe a 2 step process…


  1. User uploads .doc
  2. Doc is converted in the background to text file (or any means for GPT to understand)
  3. GPT picks up and gives output.

Right now the process is:

  1. User pastes into a field (regardless of formatting)
  2. GPT picks up and gives output

If I were going to try to build this, I’d start by creating an airtable automation that ran when the file was uploaded, sent the file off to Zapier or Make, converted it to text, sent the text to the OpenAI API, and then returned the result back to Airtable. At this point probably the best thing would be to drop the result into a field of the record in Airtable and then notify the user via email.

This would be a proof of concept only, then I’d explore ways to optimize it.

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Thanks I’ll give that a whirl and let you know how I get on