Possible to make the 'Simple Checkout Form' block dynamic?

HI all - I’m building out a marketplace in which my vendors can create as many one-time products as they want. Currently, users of the site can purchase these one-time products with a ‘Buy’ button on a list details block which is basically just a link to the Stripe check-out page for that particular product listing.

I love the look of the checkout forms however, and was wondering if it would be possible to make these dynamic? So a vendor would create a new one-time product and the ‘Simple Checkout Form’ would dynamically update with their price, product name and correct ‘purchase now’ redirect.

As all of my products are also listed in airtable, I imagine this could just be re-using the ‘Simple Checkout Form’ block design, but linking it to a field in airtable (based on the recordID perhaps)?

This would be of IMMEASURABLE value to my site, and to anyone trying to build out a marketplace and would love to see something like this brought to Softr.


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