Portal users connecting to LinkedIn

We have a portal that shares useful information among colleagues. Users have asked whether we can integrate with LinkedIn to allow them to share this information to LinkedIn.

Is this kind of functionality on the roadmap - or even possible?

Hi @gavinheaton what kind of linkedin functionality are you hoping for? If you can be more specific, I’ll see what’s possible.

Great thanks!
Users can share article links on knowledge base topics. They can provide their thoughts on the links in the portal. They’d like a “send to LinkedIn” button that posts to their LinkedIn feed. I presume we need to allow them to authenticate with LinkedIn or log in with LinkedIn ahead of the sharing.

I see. Yeah, this is a bit beyond what we can do at the moment as you would need to link / authenticate user accounts to their linkedin accounts. However, there may be a work around for this. I’d look into the following:

Embedding a social service within your site to allow for something like this?

Looking into a Make or Zapier automation that you may be able to trigger from our “Call API” action. Though, I’m unsure how the authentication with Linkedin from personal accounts would happen in this context.

Hope this helps!