Pictures Not Showing

Hello community, I am Philip Quateh. Please my softr is not showing my pictures from my Google Sheet table. Please I want an urgent help. This is my site Please I have tried severally but still pictures not showing, I will be glad if I get an assistant from this place today who will help me sort things out. Thanks you so much!

Hi Philip,

Please read the Softr docs about Google sheets and Image => Google Sheets – Softr Help Docs

Specifically this part:

Google Drive images

If you want to use images from Google Drive, you need to modify the sharing URL to be able to use it with Softr (or any other site). By default, your sharing URL will have the following format:
What you need to do is copy the ID from the original URL (the characters between the /d/ and /view), and use it in a different format:

Have you done this manipulation on the url of the image? I can see in the browser inspector that your image url has /view in it and that the url is not compliant with what needs Softr to display the image correctly (uc?export=view&id= should be written for all your image urls, in the google sheet database.

Can i humbly contact or whatsapp you so that you guide me more sir? Please I would be very much grateful if you extend a hand of help to me please.

This is not necessary.
The Softr docs explains everything and any additional help will remain here.
(+ I don’t work for free outside of the community forum)


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