Personalised Record ID

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Is it possible to personalise a record ID? For example, my user profile is currently displayed as:

However is it possible to have it as:
[] ?

ALSO - how does one access user Record ID’s? I can’t see it anywhere in my Airtable.

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To see record IDs:

Create a formula field in Airtable and use the formula RECORD_ID()


Thanks Mark!
Much appreciated - that was easy enough…even for me :slight_smile:

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Does anybody know if it is possible to personiale the Redord ID?

Something like this:
[] ?

I don’t believe that is possible.


Indeed, this is not possible.


Not sure if this helps but if your records have a primary field with a name, you can also pass that one in your URL. As long as the field you are filling is a linked field it will automatically turn it into a record.

Make sure to use an encoded URL name (you can do that by creating a new formula column in airtable and type : ENCODE_URL({Primary_field_name}) else you might get some errors.

Really depends on your usecase tho :slight_smile: