Passing URL Parameter of RecordID on softr form to reconcile with record in airtable

I am attempting to create 3 distinct softr forms to have different departments complete, which will then push data to the appropriate fields for the same record in airtable.

As the admin, I create a new record and assign 3 values to the first 3 fields. I then need each different form to pass the remaining information in for each record.

I have been attempting to use a hidden field on the customizable form block to pass the URL Parameter “RecordId” through but the values do not seem to map to the correct record in airtable.

The current flow is as follows;

New record button adds the Record (DATA PROVIDER being the key field I want to use to map all form data to in airtable.

When “OPEN” buttom is clicked, new form submission page opens and the hidden field configuration is shown here

New Record appears in Airtable upon completion of adding the new record" but all form data populates in the following row. (in this instance, row 2 instead of row 1)

Is there something I am missing to correlate the form submission data with the record ID of the new record that was created? And will I be able to have multiple forms feed this singular record in airtable?

Thanks in advance for any help here

  • I apologize for the lack of additional screenshots but the community only allows 1 graphic per post for new users. :confused:
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