Passing more than one parameter to a Softr form

This question is about passing data into forms in Softr.

Here’s a thing…

In my Softr application I have the following tables (stored in Airtable):

 Users, Albums, Objects, User Object Links and Album Object Links. 

Each Album is associated with a User.
Each Album may have numerous associated Album Object Links.
Each User may have numerous associated User Object Links.

I have a page in Softr where I display an Album for the current logged in User.

Under the Album display I have a block that lists Objects for the current User via User Object Links.

Now I want to set up an Item Button on each of the Object listings that will add the Object to the Album by creating an Album Object Link.

Ideally this would happen immediately but alternatively the Item Button could link to a form where I can access the Album ID and the Object ID and then send that to Airtable to create a record.

I can see how to pass one of those parameters to the form but I don’t see how to pass both of them.

It feels like this should be easily possible but I’m scratching my head.

If anyone can help I’ll be very grateful.

Hi @Alex_Morrison, you will need to use the hidden fields of our form blocks to be able to pass several parameters. Here is a detailed explanation on hoe to configure them: Layout: Customizable Form – Softr Help Docs

Thanks, Marine. Unfortunately, this won’t work.

I need to access Album ID and a Object ID for the form and I can only get one.

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Are AlbumID and ObectID located in different Airtable tables?

Thanks for following up.

Yes - they’re in different tables.