Pass recordId to a page after form submission

I have a page with a form block, which creates and entry in airtable on submission. Les call this type of entry “Person” in “People” table.

I want to be able to add an action which open a new page with another form block with the new record “recordId” passed as a parameter, so I can link the data of the second form to the first one as a hidden value. This way, this new entry of type “Car” will be linked to the previously created “Person” entry.

How can I do that?

Here one might need a bit of custom code to do…

based on this

window.addEventListener('submit-form-success-form1', (e) => {
	// e.detail is an object with form field names and values
	console.log('form submit success', e.detail);
	// form submit success { 
	//                   payload: { "Full Name": "Softr" ... },
	//                   response: { headers: {...}, data: {...}, status: 200 }
	//                 }

Thank you for you answer @artur.

I am not quite sure how and where I should use the code you have provided.

I want to be able to have in the page it opens as an URL_PARAM or any other technique the recordId of the “Person” record is has been created in Airtable when the first page form is submitted.