Pass parameter into Sofrt page's URL. Have it available in a Softr block, as variable

Hello Softr community. We have a page in our Softr app that needs to have a URL like ?id=
We need Softr to be able to parse the value of the in our List Detail block.
Is this possible or, if it’s not, can you recommend a work-around?

Basically, our need is - we have a page; we have a List Detail block on the page; the airtable record that it displays must come from the value of variable passed into the URL.
Thank you.

Hey @bbelo,

You can have a Custom form block in your List Details page and set a hidden field to grab the URL parameter > Customizable Form - Softr Docs

As of the URL, please note that the record ID will remain in the URL.

Let me know if you have more questions :slight_smile:

the above solution does not solve what was asked.
I’d be interested in knowing how to do what he said.
Meaning how to load a record in the list detail block depending on a URL parameter.

Hello @bbelo,

Since this was a bit confusing, can you please share more details about the use case?

Thanks in advance.

?recordId comes from recordID airtable. add 1 field on your airtable with type formula and write recordid()

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