Pass custom query parameter to the registration form. Referral Code

Hello everyone,I need your help.

We are working on a marketing campaign to attract new customers a la aplicación.

To have traceability of the origin of these users, I need to pass a parameter to the registration form of the application.

Here is an example:

In the registration form I have added a hidden field, but I can’t fill it dynamically.
I can’t associate it to an Airtable field as it is dynamic.

How can I do this?


Hi @RafaPG
As far as I understand you would like to send each parameter to different Airtable fields, right?
Indeed, it isn’t possible to dynamically change the field of the hidden field, but if you want to differentiate each parameter in different field here is what I would personally do:

  1. I would create a hidden field to send the parameter to one filed in Airtable
  2. I would create Formula filed for Facebook, Instagram, Commercial and use IF formula for each of them with the following logic:
    If Hidden field is Facebook, show Facebook on the Facebook formula field, else show empty cell.

If you need more detail on how Airtable IF formula works, please check out this article.

Hope the provided workaround helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @Viktoria for your reply.

What I am trying to do is a referral system.
The problem is that if I have 200 referrals with their affiliate code doing marketing campaigns I can’t have traceability of who has registered on the platform because of their link.

Is there any possibility that a hidden field can be added in a variable way.

@RafaPG Thanks for the clarification.
What if you pull out Page URL value with the hidden field, and with the help of Airtable formula separate the last value indicating the parameter? Would it help?