Page is not indexed: Page with redirect

I need help getting my softr site indexed by Google Search Console in order to configure the OAuth Consent Screen to use single sign-on. The real issue is a page redirect. Redirect Checker says there is a 301 redirect to www. representing the canonical URL. This prevents Search Console from indexing our root/home (no www.) page in Softr, which causes the OAuth Consent Screen workflow to fail, because the root site is not indexed.

After an exhaustive search of self-service support, It appears I have a severe case of canonicalization.

My research has included::

  •, see attached;
  • DNS, which looks correct, see attached;
  • Google Search Console,

As a newbie, I couldn’t post all of information, please find our DNS and Google Search Console report attached.

Hi @Mariam - Any ideas/hacks to resolve this issue with the Top Private Domain? This is hugely important to our success using softr.
Thank You!!!

Hi artur. any ideas on this concern?