Outseta help needed :)

Hello - I am using Outseta to provide a unified login across Softr and Circle (community). I could use some guidance from anybody who has done the same. Right now I have Circle working but not Softr (probably because I have a sign up block running already using native Softr sign up). I need to convert it over, get people into outseta, etc.

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Hi @johntreadway, Did you have the chance to take a look at our Open ID integration document?
May I kindly ask you to provide more context on this?
Here you will see a step by step walkthrough on how to integrate Open ID into your Softr app.


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This documentation is incomplete.

I have put embeds into custom code blocks on the following pages for testing.


The login success takes you to Circle, but if you return to the Softr app you are not logged in and it does not create a user in my users table in Airtable.

I am very interested in an integration between Softr and Circle, is there anything new here? a tutorial, updated advice? :slight_smile:

I sorted this out (was not using the OAuth block) but elected to not use Outseta for now. Didn’t have enough overlap for user needs between Circle and the Softr App. May add it back later but working with the Circle membership is enough for me now.

There is no integration between Softr and Circle per se. You’d do it via an Oauth provider like Outseta, Auth0, or Memberstack (or others). The only integration would be at the user / account level. There are challenges with maintaining and keeping 3 user systems (Softr, Circle and Outseta et al) in synch over time (e.g. what happens if someone wants to change their email and doesn’t go to the right place). Make sure you have a strong use case for why your Circle members need also to log into your Softr app.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll keep it simple for now. but do you think I should with Outseta now, before my first users are created with Softr.io? in order to make the case maintainable over time? :slight_smile:

It adds complexity to do it now, so only if you really need it for what you’re doing. Otherwise, moving to outseta later is a bit of a hassle but quite doable.

it’s very clear

Do you know if, for this kind of operations, all the users needs to change their password ? I have quite demanding users (B2B) on whom I will not be able to impose an excess of complexity in the future :nerd_face:

Yes when you switch membership/account systems your users will have to change their passwords. I’m also B2B and had to do this at one point on another site and it was fine - people are used to the occasional need to update passwords (good practice anyway). If you’re really worried then go ahead and implement Outseta now but understand that you might have maintenance work every month.

It’s very clear thank you, I will implement later