Our website & management tool is online

Our site is online :slight_smile:

The Blog screen and articles are entirely managed by Airtable.

The tool is used by end customers, business customers, partners, companies and craftsmen.

We use Softr for the 94 pages of the site. The impossibility of reusing existing blocks is a real problem.

I had to create a lot of HTML blocks to get real Responsive pretty… (with text sizes and spaces adapted to mobile clients and a quantity of adapted images).

Lots of CSS and custom Javascript

Landings pages for SEO purposes are generated entirely by Airtable too.

And a little French for SEO:
Le service de travaux divers et réparations pour les locataires et les propriétaires!


Hi @yannick, this looks amazing. Would you be interested in being a featured case study on our site?

Hey @pford

With a great pleasure.
Let me know if you need anything :slight_smile: