"Other" plain text block -- links to stay on same page

On the “Other” plain text block, I created a link to a #hash on the same page, but it opens the link in a new tab. Not usable for me this way. Is there a way to insert a link in the text block that stays on the same page? If not, we need this option!

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I know how to write a custom code block that would work around this limitation, but I can’t do it until I get home from travels. Ping me next week!

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David, thanks much, would appreciate the solution for having links in the text block not open in a new tab. Can’t use the block without that work-around!

This happens when the link’s origin is not exactly matching with the current page’s origin. like https://www.test.com/page and https://test.com/link (currently considered different) which is not ideal and will be fixed on Monday.

To solve quickly just make sure you use same exact origin e.g. https://www.test.com/link instead of https://test.com/link