Optimizing Freelance Content Management on Softr: Requests for Advice and Solutions

[Optimisation de la Gestion de Contenu Freelance sur Softr : Demandes de Conseils et Solutions]

Hi everyone,

I’m a beginner in nocode and so I’d like to solicit your advice on optimizing my use of softr.
Basically what I’m looking to achieve:

I want to create an automation on Softr to manage and track content written by freelancers. Each week, I plan content titles that are assigned to different writers automatically.
These writers then have to write the content directly on the Softr platform.

Facilitate the submission and tracking of content written by freelancers.
Ensure efficient synchronization between Softr and an Airtable database for title management and content tracking.

Thank you in advance for your help and valuable suggestions :slight_smile:

Hello there! Thank you for sharing your use-case.

To set up your data source effectively, it’s recommended to have separate tables for freelancers and the content they create, and have these tables linked to each other. To automate the assignment of topics to freelancers, Airtable automation can be used. I found a tutorial that might help you further: .

On the Softr side, to display each user’s topics you will need a dynamic block with a conditional filter. To enable users to write content directly in Softr, you can use an ‘Edit Records’ button.

Here’s how it would work: when you create a topic, it will be automatically assigned to a freelancer and start appearing on their dashboard upon login. By clicking on the ‘Edit Records’ button, they can write the content. This button can have a hidden field that captures the logged-in user’s email address once they submit their edits.