OpenAI integration

Hi Community,

Does anyone have experience integrating OpenAI in Softr? Would welcome insights and examples.

Thank you for your support!


Hi Edin,
What would be your use case? Text summarize? Automatic subject lines?
(Integrating OpenAI is much more related to Airtable integration/Database integration than Softr integration)

Hi Matthieu,

Thank you for the hint. I don’t have a specific use case but would like to understand, what possibilities are able with Softr and OpenAI. So your example show me to go with the airtable integration - make sense.

Thank you for you suggestion.


Exactly, the OpenAI will run inside Airtable. Open AI is about automated data => Data => Database => Airtable.

Softr will just handle the frontend, so it will display the data created by OpenAI, like it would do for any type of content inside Airtable, not created by an AI.

Some resources to understand it

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