Open specific list details URL upon form submission

Hi everyone – when a user has added a record to a list through a form, is there a way to send them directly to the list-details page that they just created – specifically for non logged-in users? I know I can do it through conditional filters for logged-in users (“if email is email”), but I’m struggling with the non logged-in users.

Right now, it just takes them to “…/item-details” once they submit the form, but I’d like for it to take them to the specific URL of the new record: “…/item-details?recordID=XYZ”.

Is there a way to add that to the settings somehow? Or alternatively, can I redirect users to a URL from a column in my data source? (I.e. if I have the specific URL in my data source for each new item, can I redirect users to that URL once they submit the form?).

The closest I’ve gotten so far is to just have the most recent submission show up on “…/item-details”, but that’s not optimal as anyone can just go to “…/item-details” at any point to see the latest submission, even if it’s not theirs.

Hey @brorduktig,

I think this workaround will work for your use case.

On Airtable to generate you need to generate a URL of each listing detail.


Then set the option in a form to open this.

This should make the trick.

Hi Suzie - thanks for the response! I do have each listing detail’s URL added in a column, but unless I’m missing something, I don’t think there’s a way to link to a URL that’s coming from the data source (e.g. Airtable) when submitting a form(?). I have to choose between opening a page or an external URL.

Page doesn’t work because it just goes to “…/item-details” as described above. And for the external URL option, I think it needs to be a static URL that I’d need to manually type in, rather than a dynamic one from the data source - as it doesn’t let me choose a field from the data source.

Please correct me if I’m wrong!


I just double checked the question, you want to show the details page with the submitted data to non-logged in users :frowning:

This changes the things, indeed, I am not sure that this will be possible, since you need a conditional filter here and it works for logged in users :frowning: