Open modal with an external URL

Hello Softr Community,

Is there anyway to open an external URL in a modal?

I use a workflow platform that creates a public milestone report for viewing by anyone with the link. I would have liked to embed that page into my client’s portal, but I can’t see that is possible?

So I was wondering if this is possible using a modal, rather than linking a button to an external URL.

Any help is appreciated.

i am curious about this too, did you solve the problem ?

No I did not. :confused:

This is possible but with huge limitations as browsers can have the authorization to open external in popup to be blocked (most of the cases, this is for spam prevention). So you need to ensure that the user you have would have this unblocked. Not doable. So just forget about it.
An open external url with “open in a new tab” option is really the best practice.

Action buttons which are coming very soon will have this enabled and I assume it’s about list and list detail (or dynamic) blocks ?

have these action buttons been implemented ?

Yes they are

Why do they have to be appended to the bottom of the list block?

@aj_martin can you please share a visual example ?

Can you show me a page where the action buttons are not at the top or bottom of a list block ?