Open Modal - Is this possible?

Hi All,

From Open Modal (list details as a pop up) - Is there a work around to get to the next record in airtable while remaining in the open modal pop up?

Anything I can do in Airtable and create a button in softr?

Please help! And thank you!

Hey, welcome.

If you plan to edit multiple records in a batch, you better look for table block , eventually, it will allow you to edit data without the need to open a modal popup.

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Thanks @acjnas.

I’m referring to the front end when the site is live. Say the user wants to scroll through the list records in the pop up open modal. I thought clicking a next button or arrow icon would be convenient.

Good luck with this… Never found any solution for this, unfortunately😥.

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Oh no! Was hoping there could be a work around in Airtable. Some formula in a clickable cell that takes you to a new record.

I’ll keep looking and if I find something I’ll share my results. Thanks @matthieu_chateau

No Airtable formula to get the next recordId of a record. If this could be done, then you would need to create a formula to be linked to the button of the list details block, which is easy to do. The problem is getting that “next record”.

It should be possible with a script extension inside Airtable, using timestamps.

Here is a resource to start but it really needs solid script skills to achieve it.

If someone has it … well :wave::wave:

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Thanks @matthieu_chateau. Was hoping there was an easier way. I’ll play around with it this evening.