Open Modal in more places

Hello the team :wink:

Is it possible to open a modal from a place like List Details ?

It would be nice in the cas I want to launch an action related to the object (I could pass the recordIdā€¦)

Thanks !


This should come with action buttons! Or when list details will be full React. Artur said this was going to come step by step

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Charles, to be honest, indeed, itā€™s not possible to open a Modal from List Details, though Iā€™ve just added it to the feature request.
Meanwhile, could you please DM your use-case, maybe I would be able to suggest a workaround if you want to pass the recordID to the other page?


Thanks @Viktoria ! I use custom URL with Airtable concatenation now but it would be more practice to simplify the user experience to stay on the same page :wink:

So I will continue to wait for news about this feature.


Could you please add the ā€œopen modalā€ option to all links? I specifically need it for a button within the CTA block.

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Working on it I think we will deploy it early January


Hi thereā€¦ checking in on this. I would love modal to show up here as option for all list blocksā€¦ would save me having to build another page for details.


@ayman select ā€œopen pageā€, modal is a sub-option there.