Open List Details view directly from Form submission


I am trying to build a flow in my application where users create a new item in a list and go directly to review the details of their new item from the form submission (Home → Form → List Details), but apparently the form submission button does not include the ID of the new item created to be able to do that.

The only alternative way that I have found, the obvious and less ideal way, is to send the user back to review the list again and select by themselves the item they have just created (Home → Form → Home → List Details)

is this possible to do? Could anyone help me figure this out?


Hi @Javi :wave:
To be honest, there isn’t any native way to redirect the users to List details page after the Form submission.

Though, to avoid picking up the submitted record on the List block, here is what I would personally do:

  1. I would create a new view in Airtable Table where the Form gets submitted to
  2. I would add a “Created date” field to Airtable view
  3. And would sort the view by the date so the last submitted records appear on top
  4. Then I would connect Softr List block to the Airtable view and make it show only 1 record

As a result the user will see his last submitted record only, which can open a modal or a List details page on the click for more details.

Would this workaround help?

Thanks Viktoria for sharing the way you’d do it.

Now that the new CRUD action buttons in List blocks have been created, this issue is pretty much resolved. There’s no need to find creative ways of doing this anymore since it’s all native now.

Thank you!

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Javi, could you explain how this then works? How do I submit a form and then send it to a list details page? Thanks!