Open file in window instead of download

I am using a table-block and the file field type.
When clicking the file in the table, it currently downloads the file to my folder.

Is it yet possible for this behaviour to be modified to open the file in new tab rather than download to local machine? Most browsers support files like pdf and images

To my knowledge, Softr supports opening pdf files only. Other file types are not supported at the moment.

Have you found a solution?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, there is no option to open files in a new tab instead of downloading them. However, I have a workaround to suggest:

  1. Upload the files to a cloud service like Google Drive, Wetransfer, or any platform of your choice. Obtain the shareable URLs for your files.

  2. Add these shareable URLs into a field in your base your base.

  3. Instead of using a file field, create an Open URL button in the dynamic blocks. Map this button to the URL field containing the file URLs. Configure the button to redirect users to a new page when clicked.

By doing this, clicking on the button will redirect users to the cloud storage where the file is stored, opening it in a new tab.

Please feel free to get back to us in case you have more questions.