ONE Year using Softr

Hello everyone!

I’ve been using Softr almost daily for a year now, and it deserved a message to everyone!

Even though I have my share of frustrations :innocent:, overall I really enjoy using Softr! :partying_face:

And special thanks to all those who have helped me out over the past months:

@Aramo | @Suzie | @Maria | @Andranik | @Marine.Hovhannisyan | @Viktoria and the software team @artur et @Jakub.

Last but not least, the awesome community participants, mainly @matthieu_chateau and @austinyang who got me out of a jam.

Yannick from :switzerland:



Our startup didn’t get its funding, so unfortunately it’s all over for me Softr :(( Goodbye to you all and thank you for this wonderful adventure (while I wait for my return for another project?

Byyye :-*