One click update / Visibility

I am dealing with the following situation, I have a button in the list detail to which the one-click update action of the relevant field in the airtable is linked, and I need the visibility of the button to depend on the value in this field. It means, in fact, that the action is also supposed to make the button disappear. Changing the value in the field and notification of the change takes place immediately. The problem is that the visibility adjustment will not take place online and a refresh screen is required. Do you have any idea for a solution?

Dear Pavel. I had similar issue. One-click button will refresh 1 block only where button is included. That means it will not refresh all page but one block only. And it is working nice.
I made 2 buttons.
Button 1. Show when field in airtable is 1 (for example)
Button 2. Show when filed in airtable is 0 (for example)

I add action to button 1 → change field for 0, and for button 2 → change for 1. And you will see that it is working. When you click button 1 field value will change and button 2 will appear.

To refresh fully website please add custom code. Please search comunity. There are example prepared by Matthieu.

But I can confirm that it has to be refreshed fully page to get result in another blocks. I had to use another solution in my project.

Good luck.