One button triggering two or more Actions


I would love to be able to trigger more than one action with the same action button.

In my app, we have a configurations page where users make several settings to a particular object in our database. Once they are finished they have to “Submit it”.

One the object is submitted it cannot be edited, so I would like the Submit button to:

1- Perform a “one click update” to change the status of the object; and

2- Open another page where the object details can be viewed but not edited.

Hope this helps.



Hey @urbita, thank you very much for your suggestion. Noted and added it to our suggestions list.

Meanwhile, you mentioned use case is available with the form block only when the users can be redirected to another page after form submission.

well, i could do a form of all hidden fields, but I cant control visibility of the form submit button like the action button, right?

Right, you can’t but you can create custom user groups to make the whole form visible for specific users only (if you know to whom you want to make it visible).

Yes, but this is not my use case. I need the button to be visible depending on the status of the record, not the logged in user.

Here’s a similar use case to clarify:

Lets say our database represents “Proposals” and we have a Softr page to view the proposal details. From there, users can add attachments, input values, etc.

Once the proposal is ready, I want users to click a “Submit” button, to move it along my workflow. But I only want this button to be displayed when the proposal has, let’s say, a filled in budget and and attached pdf.

When the Proposal meets the criteria, the button is displayed and users can click it, but once that happens I want to force the user out of this Editing page, so no further changes are made to the proposal after it has been submited.

Another problem with using this is that the form buttons are connected to the airtable database - the user experience of button loading (so slowly) is not good. It takes 2 to 3 seconds to trigger the next page load. The next page loading should be instantaneous and the database entry should happen in parallel instead of these actions happening in series.

Dear @meenal.malhotra, please note that the data loading speed depends on different factors such as internet speed, browser cached files, used device, distance from the servers, Airtable (when the dynamic block data is loaded), etc. hence, unfortuantely, we can not influence on the loading speed.

Hi @urbita, thanks for the clarification. Note that you can configure our custom user groups based on different factors (not only based on logged-in and non-logged-in users). You will find more about how to configure the custom user groups here: Custom User Groups Overview – Softr Help Docs

In your particular case, you can add a column in your data source having an option, for example, “Complete data”. When the user adds all the info, you can add the “Complete data” tag to him/her and configure the User Group with the mentioned value. As soon as the user has the “Complete data” tag, he/she will start seeing the block with the button. Otherwise, it will remain invisible.


+1 for the ability for a single button to perform two actions.

Softr doesn’t currently support filtering the options in a drop down menu.

As a work around, I can use one button to add linked record to the user’s table (let’s say the field is called Selected Music Album), and then I can use a second button to open a page that shows a list of songs, but it’s a filtered list where the Song’s Album = the Logged In User’s Select Music Album.

The work around works to compensate for Softr’s lack of a filter for drop down menu items, but it’s a two button process. First the user has to select an album from the list using button 1, and then using button 2 opens the page where they can see the list. It would be really nice if both of these actions happened as part of the same button click.