Onboarding via Custom Form after SignUp

Hi there,

I am building smrtspace.xyz and currently building the onboarding process. Following Challenge:

Goal: Create a customized experience right after onboarding

  1. The User Account block Update button does not allow to direct to URL, Page etc.
  2. Alternative is to use a custom form block to query information, its button allows for defined action.


If using a custom form block, the user gets duplicated (email) in Airtable. And while all works just fine, the conditional views on the next page do not respond as it relies on the record that was created on Signup. All other functions (e.g. Avatar) work fine.

Any work arounds? I currently see only the option to force a redirect to the next page via custom script but have not gotten it to work in preview and wary to test it on prod.

Thank so much :slight_smile:

Hey @hrk Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation of the case!
You can take a look at this thread Redirection after clicking on update button on User Profile block it helps you to redirect to a specific URL after clicking on the update button of the user profile block.
Hope it helps.