OAUTH Issues with Airtable

I followed the instructions to implement the new OAUTH. The next day, I get an email that says:

The softr third-party integration’s access to your Airtable account has been automatically revoked by Airtable due to security concerns around refresh tokens usage…

I’ve reauthenticated and added a new database and the issue keeps presenting itself. Is there a way to fix this?

Also having this issue :frowning:

Where can I find: [the instructions to implement the new OAUTH]?

Would be glad to know how to set this up. I am in a 48+ hour chat with Softr support and they keep on telling me that we don’t use the PAT setup any longer but I do not have any oauth setup in Airtable (yet) and Airtable setup shows that we are still using the PAT setup and not oauth with Softr.

That’s the link they emailed everyone on how to setup OAUTH

Hello everyone. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, apparently there was an issue that was fixed last week but after the fix it seems that you will get the AT email at least once again.
If you have received the AT email, would you mind re-auth again, go to Studio, check if the blocks work as expected and let me know if you face the issue again?

Re-authenticated working


Seems like it’s working. Haven’t gotten the notice in 2 days now :slight_smile: