Notifications for users when tables are edited

I’ve looked around and didn’t find anything about this. Currently, we are using Google spreadsheets and send a secured link to our clients to be able to see their information on their sheet. Once there, they have the option of setting up notifications in the “Tools” menu on Google Sheets for when the sheets are updated or when a user submits a form.

When we switch over next month, I’d hate for my clients to want to go back to the sheets option because there are not notifications available. Is this something that can already be done? If so, how? If it can’t currently, can we please add it to something that can be done (very) soon?

Hi @bethseam If you decide to switch to Airtable, it also provides email notifications however, If you are wondering whether there will be a native feature for that then I will add it as a high-priority feature request to be considered.

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Hi @Maria thank you so much! Yes, please add it, that would be fantastic. We are not interested in switching to Airtable. Our company has been with Google documents since 2014 and is very satisfied with it.

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Hi @Maria any chance there is an update? Im just working on the final script for the data that runs our tables and then our portal goes live on the first of Sept. My users have expressed this is VERY important to them.

Thank you

Hi @bethseam not yet but we are planning to have it as soon as possible. At the moment, If it is urgent another way would be using Make or Zapier and connecting them to your datasource so that based on the data submitted it will send out emails