Notification emails sent with even though sender email is configured




Hi @dvarela If you publish the updates afterwards, you should have gotten an email from Postmark to verify the modifications. If you didn’t receive it or confirmed but the changes weren’t reflected, please, DM or post the published app link along with the sender’s email address. This will help us investigate.

Hi Maria, we’re having the exact same issue. We’ve triple confirmed the settings are correct in Notifications → Sender Details. We have our company support email listed and yet all emails are still coming from Softr with the email as

How can we push this change to our production workspace?


Hi @mtsdawson have you received an email to the sender email address to confirm? the change is applied only when you confirm

We did not receive this email. It didn’t appear in the inbox. How can we resend this verification email?

If you also checked the spam box and it’s not there please, mention the sender’s email and we’ll resend

Hi Maria, I have exactly the same issue. I have configured my custom .app domain and the sender details as but did not receive any confirmation email neither in inbox nor in spam folder.
Can you please check and resend confirmation email?
I could also send you the name of my .app domain in a pm/dm if you want.

Thanks and best regards