Not show - character if value is empty on List detail = search result page

Anyone knows how to not show a record if the value is EMPTY on the list detail page?

We have a database with a lot of EMPTY fields. We would like to not show the standard - sign Softr uses/shows or maybe even better not show the label/value at all if it’s an empty value for a single record.

Got this reply on Softr Slack ask a question channel:

Hi Jordan, it should work with a formula IF({field}=BLANK(), “”, {field}). Then display the formula field in Softr.

This is for Airtable integration and question is about Google integration. It works for Airtable, just have to check for google sheets, the formula format may not be the same.

This way the LABEL will still show and that’s not the nicest solution as well.

So if anyone knows how to NOT SHOW a field in detail list page if empty that would be AWESOME.

For those who would ask what is the equivalent formula for google sheets :point_down:


From @jordanvanbergen

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Hey @matthieu_chateau,

Thanks so much for your valuable input. :star_struck: