No way to minimise/close header on mobile layouts

I’m using the “header with sublinks, icons and description” block. This happens on both tablets and mobile.

When you tap on the hamburger icon on the header, it expands it so that you can look at the menus and tap on them (opening and closing the individual menus works fine), but there doesn’t appear to be any way of closing the header itself again, which means the user cannot browse the page they’re currently on.

2023-04-19 19_35_20
The hamburger icon in the corner at the top of the header…

2023-04-19 19_35_50
Which isn’t there once you open it (names of menus covered up, but they’re displayed properly.)

I do not have any custom code on the page I’m testing it on, and nothing site-wide that affects the header specifically.

Hi @Zeke, I’m sorry for the inconveniences. Could you please advise if there might be an available update for the header block? If yes, would you mind updating the block?

As well as if you don’t mind, please share the link to the page so I could investigate the issue on my end and see what might cause this behavior.