No documentation often - Google maps example

Hi - there have been several circumstances where I have asked questions regarding something very simple in Softr because there is very very very little documentation on Softr’s help channel, and sometimes I am given incorrect or out of date information from Softr support.

I was facing an error with the Google Maps plug-in. I asked Softr Support about it and they said it was from Google’s end - okay. I asked if we needed a paid account and they said “I don’t know” and later said they had “too much of a workload to look into” the problems that we were facing ON softr’s platform using Google. I tried something else and faced another problem and was told by the Support employee that they couldn’t help, but then later shared that it was because we didn’t have a paid account. I understand this - but that is the very reason why I asked. I was again told by the Support team member that they were swamped with work.

Why add a feature if your customers don’t know how to use it because it’s not in your documentation? Why add a feature if your Support team doesn’t know how to answer questions pertaining to it? Why allow your Support team to not offer true support if they are getting bogged down with other things, likely dealing with other customers who are confused by the lack of documentation?

I asked for it to be included in the documentation and I was told it would be added to the improvements list. This is highly concerning if tech improvements on the product are considered the same as updating a help guide?

You would think that if many customers have many of the same questions we are all asking to support and in this forum, that documentation would be updated. What is the reason for this not being the case?

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Yes I would agree that part of the documentation must be updated with recent trends and updated blocks because is confusing to go and try to fix things with out-of-date or discontinued instructions.

However, community seems to be two steps ahead of the help docs and you are more than welcome to share your projects and ask for help no matter what type of membership you have. Is not ‘instant’ help but many people have managed to fix complex problems via community.

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I so appreciate your comment, @acjnas!

Yes, the Softr community has been great, especially for complex issues. My frustration comes more so from the constant “Well, you set [this seemingly simple] this up incorrectly.” after I’ve pulled my hair out trying to figure out what I did wrong. If only they would include some of the simple guidance that they share through chat or in the community in those help docs. There is a SHARP learning curve that definitely discourages potential users from Softr.

It’s absolutely bonkers that reporting a bug through Softr Support does not work - I am often told from Softr Support that a bug is actually a user error on my end. I always have to comment in here in the Community to tag someone who will recognize it’s a bug.

It feels like the exact opposite of arming your customers to succeed, and isn’t that what all tech companies aspire to build? A product where customers feel empowered using it? As I mentioned, what is the reasoning behind bogging down your support team with chats that could be answered via ACCURATE documentation?