No credit card required / group user in Airtable

Hi community
I am looking to deploy a feature allowing my users not to register their bank card when it comes first on my website (freemium type business model). the objective is also to be able to count my users and their groups more easily, to calculate performance indices such as the conversion rate.

I thought of a solution, here is a fairly explicit diagram. In short, a field in softr would take a position 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on the funnel stage. Usergroups would be designed like this.

Do you have a better idea? Do you know how to detect which users have subscribed to stripe from Airtable? I did not see how to retrieve their recordid :slight_smile:

Hi Lea,
This is Marketing Ops => you should use with scenarios Stripe X Airtable.
I had kind of this scenario: everytime a free user paid with stripe, it updated its status (single select field) in Airtable… Of course I don’t have it anymore :roll_eyes:.

Though it’s not very hard to put in place (and the make community is :ok_hand:)

@Lizzie_LaCour a use case for the next Make X Softr event, maybe!

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