No--Code Powered Web Components

Hi guys, have been working on a passion project in the backround the last couple months, introducing Custom Blocks… a library of No-Code powered Web Components for use with Softr apps! The web app is itself built with Softr (… current web components include a Saved List Web Component which works with native Softr list blocks, it makes it easy to create “favourites” or “save for later” lists or any other kind of list really where you would like to enable your users to save or store items from a list or list details block for later viewing. More recently, a list block which enables you to display data from your Xano database in a list block in your Softr has been added to the library… New youtube video on it here :smiley: i plan to keep adding to this library. Thanks for reading and watching, and keep building!!!

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Thanks so much for sharing, the video is great. Many users are interested in integration with Xano. :star_struck:

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Hey Jamie!

I just went through your xano demo app, and let me tell you it totally rocks!

You are way ahead of your time, you are bringing xano in the times when other softr data sources integrations are not even in progress on the roadmap!

Thank you for putting this together, you deserve a lot of credit here in the community.

Well done :clap:


Yes, more Xano! A bit of a challenge for those of us who are not so technically proficient, but who are already up against Airtable limitations.